DMI Keswick Series- An air of Royalty In Your Office

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Keswick Series is an office furniture series from DMI Furniture Collection that offers supreme luxury while providing a sophisticated vintage styling to your office furniture pieces in any office setting. An office furniture that will provide you the magnificence of a vintage-styled office without compromising the performance of your office furniture pieces and the functionality of your workplace.

The Keswick Series by DMI is crafted from select wood, wood products, and veneers that are sure to give exceptional quality, durability, and refined styling. Tops are detailed with decorative cherry inlay veneer and walnut banding with a lustrous UV topcoat to defend the furniture against discoloration from sunlight. A beautiful English Cherry Finish covers every aspect of the office furniture piece providing resistance against all kinds of scratches, stains, and even the natural wear and tear process while displaying a majestic look at the same.

Another feature that is given much value by DMI Keswick is the office furniture’s overall flexibility. From the time that you will choose to purchase an office furniture of this series, DMI will not leave you hanging on that confused state. That is why, to help you choose and for you to have the office that you have dreamed of, we give you the power to pick from our broad-variety of office furniture pieces to be placed in your office based on your distinct preference.

DMI Keswick Series offers a full array of office furniture pieces perfect for your office with a complete commercial office set. Executive desk in several shapes and sizes, reception desks, conference tables, credenzas, storage units, different types of tables, and accessory pieces are just few examples of what DMI Keswick Series is offering you and your office.

With stability, versatility and functionality combined with an old-world styling, DMI Keswick Series has the traits of a first-rate classic office furniture that is very much needed by today’s office. Watch how your office will be transformed into an office of majesty and experience a magnificent working feeling with an office furniture of DMI Keswick Series.